Jibo SDK API Documentation

Release notes

Please see the Jibo SDK Release Notes for new features, breaking changes, and known issues.

Check a skill's API version

  1. Open the skill you want to update.
  2. If you do not see the Project pane, click View > Toggle Tree View.
  3. In the Project pane, expand the node_modules > jibo folders.
  4. Click package.json in the jibo folder to open it.
  5. At the top of the file, view the version number.
    (i.e. "version": "5.0.5")
  6. Use the drop-down in the upper-left corner of this page to select the correct API documentation version.

Update a skill to the newest APIs

  1. Open your command line interface.
  2. Change directories to your skill's top-level folder.
  3. Run the following:
    rm -rf node_modules
    npm cache clean
    npm install
    npm run build
  4. Click View > Developer > Reload Window on the Atom toolbar to refresh your skill.