Sound Localization Sample Code

Susan Pedicini
August 3, 2016

Jibo has many features that set him apart from smartphones, tablets, and other flat-content technologies, including his sound localization capabilities. Jibo can not only detect when he hears sound, but also know which direction that sound is coming from. This gives him a wonderfully lifelike quality, since he can turn to look at sound and speech in a 360-degree radius, just like a human or pet.

Jibo + IFTTT in 10 minutes

Justin Woo
July 11, 2016

Here are 10 easy steps (< 10 minutes) on how to get Jibo to send you an email through IFTTT by connecting the Jibo SDK to your own custom IFTTT Maker recipe.

What is IFTTT ? IFTTT is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Animation JSON

Susan Pedicini
June 29, 2016

Hi Jibo devs! We thought we’d give you something fun to work with over the holiday weekend.

When you create a new animation in the Jibo SDK Animation Editor, or if you open the greetings.keys animation that comes with all new skills, you’ll see a user interface with lots of features that animators will be familiar with-- there are preview screens, a Properties Pane, and a timeline made up of layers and frames.

Jibo visits Twilio SIGNAL

Justin Woo
June 16, 2016

On May 24th Jibo visited San Francisco to attend SIGNAL which is Twilio’s developer conference for communications. This was the first time Jibo made his appearance in public since the launch of the SDK in May. The reception was so welcoming and we thank everyone who stopped by to visit us.

Jibo Dreams of Electric Sheep

Carolyn Saund
June 9, 2016

Ok, so the SDK has been out for two weeks. You’ve gotten over the excitement of running You saw the team photo that pops up in the simulator when you run in the sample code. You’ve turned Jibo’s eye into a heart, then a peppermint, then tried to go for a palm tree, but it’s really more of a… wiggly-star-shaped-thick-based-doodly-doo (curses, vertex 5)!

The Jibo SDK: Reaching out Beyond the Screen

Jonathan Ross
May 23, 2016

Almost four years ago I received a call. It was one of those phone calls you might wait your entire career for but never get. It was from Andrew Rapo, my former boss at Disney. (I had actually met Andrew during chance encounter almost ten years ago when I attended a conference on the wrong day-- a lucky mistake that changed the course of my career.) The reception was shoddy and I was on my way to a meeting, but I heard just enough to make out, “I can’t tell you who I met, but it’s a certain ‘celebrity roboticist’ from MIT.