Jibo SDK Program Update December 2016

Jonathan Ross
December 22, 2016

One very wise community member shared with us that transparency isn’t about giving a release date but rather being open about milestones and what’s happening along the way. With that spirit in mind, I wanted to give you an update on where we are with releasing the next version of the Jibo SDK.

Developing Skills for Jibo

Andrew Rapo
December 20, 2016

The Theater of Jibo Jibo is a unique platform with features that enable a new class of application: social skills. Jibo is built on a familiar mobile device architecture, the NVIDIA Tegra K1, which provides all the capabilities of a traditional smartphone or tablet. But it is Jibo’s form factor and physical animation system that enable his defining, social interactions.

Flows- A Dungeon Example

Andrew Rapo
December 8, 2016


As seen in previous posts and example, flows provide a visual mechanism for describing the flow-of-control for a skill. The SDK’s Flow Editor is used to create .flow files, which are converted (compiled) to JavaScript during the skill’s build process. Flows are especially useful for describing the complex logic required by Jibo’s Voice User Interface (VUI).

Hacking Arts 2016 at MIT Media Lab Invites Jibo to Join

Justin Woo
November 28, 2016

Jibo had a chance to visit co-founder Cynthia Breazeal’s stomping grounds at the MIT MediaLab for Hacking Arts 2016. This is a unique event that brings together creative technologists, artists, innovators and hackers to explore the future of the arts. The annual event consists of three components: a conference, Tech Expo and Hackathon.

Jibo Visits MLH Prime in Austin, TX

Justin Woo
November 23, 2016

Jibo is making his rounds at a number of select hackathons and events, as you’ve seen in earlier posts. It is all about creating awareness of Jibo as a platform and learning about how people think about building skills for Jibo. We are continuously amazed and inspired by the ideas people bring to the table.

A PixiAnimate Aquarium

Andrew Rapo
November 11, 2016

Note : This post elaborates on a previous post which provides an introduction to using the PixiAnimate Extension.

Timeline Animation

This post illustrates the way Adobe Animate and the PixiAnimate Extension can be used to create programmatically-controlled, game-like timeline animations for Jibo. For example, consider a hypothetical Jibo Aquarium - featuring Jibo-inspired fish created by Lead Designer Fardad Faridi.