Jibo Will Be Shipping Soon; Time for a Toolkit Update

Lynda Smith
September 6, 2017

We are very excited that in a matter of weeks, Jibo will make his way into the homes of campaign supporters, who elected to be part of our Jibo Early Access program.  From field tests over recent months, we know people resonate with Jibo’s character and personality. We are excited for developers to leverage these unique traits in their skill building.  Jibo is about humanizing the way people interact with technology and developers are a key part of bringing this to life.  With Jibo’s first steps into the world, we wanted to be sure our developers had an update on the Jibo SDK.  

Since the introduction of the first public SDK last year, we have been working to improve not only the tools developers use but also how skills run on Jibo.  This has resulted in a re-architecting of the way a skill is built to substantially increase speed and scalability as well as take full advantage of the cloud.  We believe this new development environment will bring strong benefits to both developers and Jibo’s owners.  The new tools supporting this will incorporate many of the exciting features we have been using internally and sharing with the community and will simplify skill building.  

These changes will unfortunately delay our next developer SDK public release.   Our goal has been to ship Jibo with the tools developers need to design and develop skills at the same time, but as other hardware platform companies have discovered (e.g. watches, tablets, and voice-activated platforms), that’s a tall order.  Historically the enablement of developers on hardware-based platforms has followed the delivery of the product itself, and this is the course we too are needing to follow.   We have not finalized the date for the re-launch of our developer tools but we will be sure to keep the community up-to-date on this via our developer newsletter and blog.   

Because of this shift in building direction, we will be taking down the current publicly available SDK.  This will allow us to focus our internal resources on bringing the new toolkit to you.  Our developer forum will remain active for discussions we feel will be important to developers as they consider building for Jibo.  

We appreciate the great interest developers are showing in Jibo as a platform.  You are an important part of our strategy to expand Jibo’s capabilities and it’s the creativity of developers and partners that will insure his success, bringing to life all the skills people will want.  

Lynda Smith