Hacking Arts 2016 at MIT Media Lab Invites Jibo to Join

Justin Woo
November 28, 2016

Jibo had a chance to visit co-founder Cynthia Breazeal’s stomping grounds at the MIT MediaLab for Hacking Arts 2016.  This is a unique event that brings together creative technologists, artists, innovators and hackers to explore the future of the arts.  The annual event consists of three components: a conference, Tech Expo and Hackathon.

Jibo was quite popular and certainly drew a crowd.  That little bot definitely has show business in his wiring.  People came by non-stop to get a glimpse of him and his SDK.  Jibo’s character and emotions continue to score big, and people were delighted with the little things like touching is head to elicit a purring response.

There were three groups who built on Jibo.  

Pasithea – Their skill enabled Jibo to detect anxiety and stress, and when detected, Jibo would interactively engage the user in mindfulness techniques in order to re-center

A highlight for Team Jibo was when  someone asked the question, "what is the difference between Alexa and Jibo?"  Before the Jibo team was able to answer, team Pasithea demoed their hack, and the individual said, "Oh I get it now, WOW!"

Another group Webo focused on optimizing human- technology experiences by designing robots with distinct personality and social awareness.

A 3rd group, Jibo the Understudy  helped kids with social anxiety.  

Here's some awesome Tweets from the event.


Justin Woo
Developer Evangelist